Tantric sex: a beginner’s guide

Tantric sex: a beginner’s guide

Do you want to gain a more intimate connection with a partner? So considering tantric sex, a form of intimacy focused not only on strengthening the ties between you and your partner, but also the connection you have with yourself.  

In fact, in tantric sex, the goal is on creating a genuine mindful connection within yourself and then between you and your partner. Its name stems from the Sanskrit word “tantra”, which means woven together, and is rooted in Hindu and Buddhist teachings.

Tips to practice tantric sex 

If you're interested in tantric sex, you should keep these tips in mind:

  1. Focus on breath

Partners are encouraged to synchronize their breaths, so it almost becomes one movement. As with most mindfulness practices, the breath grounds you in the present moment and allows a deeper connection.

  1. Gaze into each other's eyes 

Spend time gazing into a partner's eyes to help build an intimate connection. Eye gazing is another way of synchronizing to each other's energy.

  1. Slow down 

Tantric sex is not a race to an orgasmic finish line, but a chance to slow down and explore each other's bodies. It can last until you reach orgasm, feel connected, or are emotionally satisfied. 

Quick tip: We suggest having lube, oils, or lotion nearby to ensure slow movements aren't painful (take a look at our store!) 

  1. Engage all five senses

Pay attention to all five of your senses, not just touch. Notice how your partner smells, what the curves of their bodies look like, what tastes you pick up in your mouth as you kiss, what it sounds like when they or you moan.

  1. Incorporate massage 

Sex does not need to be penetrative. Kissing, touching, holding, rubbing, and more can all lead to a full tantric sexual experience, no penetration necessary.  

Even if you want to incorporate penetrative sex, there's no reason to rush into it. Start by focusing on markers that keep you present and connected, like massaging or cuddling.

  1. Experiment with solo tantric sex

You don't have to be partnered to enjoy the benefits of tantric sex. Doing tantric sex alone is ideal for getting to know your own body on an intimate level. Just as you would with a partner, prepare by setting the mood. Here are some ideas:

  • Light candles
  • Meditate
  • Try touching different parts of your body
  • Experiment with tantric yoga positions
  • Try giving yourself a tantric massage
  • Go hands-free for an exercise in mental stimulation.

Remember, the point is not to reach orgasm quickly, but to be mindful of all the sensations and emotions that surface during the process.

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