Say YES! To couples therapy & better communication

Say YES! To couples therapy & better communication

Many people are afraid to start couples therapy, others shy away from it because of prejudices, and others because they don’t think it could be the right solution. What are the benefits of couples therapy? If something is broken, can it be fixed? How can we work the communication with our partner?

The fact that two partners decide to embark on couples therapy means a commitment and willingness to analyse a situation or intervene on a problem that has arisen within the routine. Couples therapy is a process, led by an expert psychologist, which helps in day-to-day dynamics, crisis management, communication and empathy.

As states by Anna Castagna, Sex Educator and Counsellor “Couples therapy is not a magic wand and involves lots of commitment. However, observing and observing oneself, touching issues that move body, mind and heart is often frightening, but it is important to be able to understand and analyse what is happening

Furthermore, Anna continues saying “Couples therapy does not 'fix' the other. It does not change people as they are in their depths, but it helps the couple to find their comfort zone, in which they can live and express themselves, even if, sometimes, it means separation”.

As Anna stresses, communication is a fundamental pillar of a couple's relationship and, the most of misunderstandings, derives from the lack of communication.

Ok then, let’s talk about communication!

People do not have a magic sphere to read each other's minds. Therefore, the only way to make a nervousness, a concern or a wish understood is to communicate.

The other person is a different human being from us, so different reactions and way of handling situations have to be expected.  Indeed, the best way to make partners aware of what we think, is talk to each other. “However, the right balance between talking and listening is necessary” as Anna says, and she adds that “listening must not be an end in itself and only through the use of hearing; it takes active listening able of stimulating us emotionally in approaching the partner(s)' needs without preconceptions, but, above all without, judging the partner(s)' desires.”

In conclusion, our expert Anna focuses on the importance to listen and to communicate as the milestone for a healthy, happy and lasting relationship.

And from now on will you start putting our Anna's advice into practice?

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