The sex toys market grows steadily every year. Are perhaps prejudices giving way to greater freedom of expression?

We asked a few questions to our expert kink educator and coach Ayzad, to find out more about the world of sex toys and all the advantages related to their use.

  • Which are the most commonly used sex toys?

“Market analyses always put dildos, insertable toys, in all their infinite variations in the lead. As in every sector, there are fads and trends that change over time, also following the examples suggested by mass media. When Fifty Shades of Grey came out, for example, sales of blindfolds, handcuffs and paddles soared.”

  • Is it recommended to use sex toys during sexual intercourse as well?

“Why not? A good sex toy is one that allows you to experience those sensations impossible using just your bodies; therefore, it can be great fun to enjoy them together and discover their possibilities as a couple.”

  • Can sex toys increase sexual desire?

“Maybe sex toys cannot increase sexual desire per se, but surely they do help having more fun.”

  • Can sex toys be dangerous?

“Among the tens of thousands of products on sale, some may hide risks that are sometimes difficult to imagine. It is important to choose high quality products to make sure that the materials used are body safe. In general, however, the most reputable shops make a careful selection of products and only offer completely safe sex toys.”

  • What are the guidelines to be maintained for freely enjoying a relationship with the help of sex toys?

“Choose them well. Take a few minutes to read the instructions, which may reveal interesting surprises.  Clean the objects before and after use with the appropriate products, while still putting a condom on insertables to avoid any contamination. And, above all, consider them for what they are: not rivals, but as extras to have fun with.”


As you have seen, this little interview is an introductory part to the big world of sex toys. According to our expert, sex toys can be good allies for your “special times”, but pay attention to the quality and always keep them clean.

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