5 ways to play with the intensity of your orgasms

5 ways to play with the intensity of your orgasms

It is difficult to define what an orgasm feels like, since for each person it is a different experience. It is important to know that orgasms are varied, from person to person, and even in the same person throughout life at different times and contexts.


Orgasms can respond to genital stimulation as well as stimulation of the inner legs, breasts, ears, mind, and even without physical contact. They can happen during masturbation or during sex with another, of course.


Did you know that we can have orgasms sleeping, meditating, exercising, or even driving? There are not different types, but different ways to achieve it and different sensations, precisely because orgasms vary. If we are going to name all the different ways an orgasm can be felt, we would have to put a name to each orgasm that each person has. 


Here are some suggestions to play with the intensity and experiment with different ways to expand pleasure!

  1. Incorporate as many senses as possible: you can blindfold yourself from the beginning of the meeting until the end, to enhance the other senses (if both are blindfolded better), or incorporate body oils for massages, aromatic candles, etc.

  1. Prolong the time. There is a technique called “Edging” that consists of stopping before reaching orgasm, lowering the intensity of the stimuli and continuing with the exploratory game.

  1. Include nerve stimulation pathways. Do not stay only in the penis and the clitoris. Include nipples, hamstrings, armpits, feet, ears, neck, hands and prostate!

  1. Vary the intensity of the stimulus. It is not the same to caress with the fingertips, massage, scratch or bite.

  1. The novelty resets the sexual response and makes everything much more intense. It does not have to be an extreme change, it can be incorporating a feather, changing the space or some new visual stimulus


Always remember, the most important thing is to know that the goal is not orgasm, but to increase the body's sexual energy.

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